Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Me & My Dye Pot

I picked up a few new colours from the Black Lamb the other day, along with some merino roving. This fun stuff is going to be spun into sock yarn, haven't decided what pattern to make out of it yet though.
I can't think of anything exciting to say about it but the picture is pretty neat.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The making of the Frankenwheel

Well, after a long day of measuring, planning, cutting wood, going to the hardware store 3 times and generally just having too much fun.... I ended up with this...

She's not finished, there's some adjustments to be made but I love it anyway!

I still need to reinforce the back upright post a bit more, and also replace the treadle which would work better if it had a bit more length at the bottom. That would allow for a bit more see-saw action.

Figuring out the crank was the hardest part, I ended up bending an L bracket in two spots to get that shape.

I was origionally going to paint it out black and green, it is a "Franken Wheel" after all. But now I'm contemplating painting the main support part but doing some wood buring and staining on the wheel. Time will tell what I end up doing, and quite frankly I'm all out of creative mojo at the moment. I'll be sure to post photos.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The FrankenWheel revisited

About a year ago I started a Franken-Wheel project, turning various orphaned spinning wheel parts into a saxony wheel. Then I ended up lucking into a beautiful Ashford Elizabeth and that saxony is way more beautiful than anything I could create.... project then on hold.

But it's been calling to me, and how can I ever ignore a spinning wheel? So I'm back at work coming up with a design for a modern wheel. I've had a few different designs planned out for Frankie and tomorrow the wood cutting starts. I'm so freaking excited I could pee (but I won't).

I'm too lazy to post photos at the moment, plus I'm running late for my SnB so I'd best be off. But stay tuned (and I say that as if anyone actually reads my blog), as I'll be back soon with photos of the project in the works.

Nice clean blog

Well, I'm not sure if anyone actually noticed, but I cleaned out my blog. It's all gone now, even the knitted penis chapstick cozy made from hand dyed, hand spun yarn. I might miss that entry a little more than the rest, but all is good.

It is good to start fresh.

So here it is... the new post #1